Surrey’s best 8&U players played at Dundonald Rec

22 Player with referee
Best Surrey’s 8&U tennis players played at Dundonald Rec Tennis Club on Saturday 23 May

Dundonald Recreation Ground hosted its first junior LTA’s (Lawn Tennis Association) official tournament on Saturday 23rd May. In an atmosphere of great anticipation, 22 children from all around Surrey arrived at the Rec’s tennis courts to take part in the competition.

For the host, Dundonald Rec Tennis Club (DRTC), it was an opportunity to introduce some talented local players to Surrey’s top competitive arena, whilst consolidating the club’s reputation as a key promoter of junior tennis in the Wimbledon area.

DRTC’s Olympic Legacy and junior programmes are fast becoming a local ‘nursery’ for future junior tennis stars.  The charity has great ambitions for tennis locally both now and in the future.

Dr Ernesto Pinto (DRTC Chairman) and tournament organiser said:

“Seeing some of our children who have been through our Olympic Legacy programme, performing so well in a high level competition is a dream come true.  It is the aim that I spoke to Roger Federer about when he visited our club:  DRTC’s main objective is to improve tennis standards by given children more access to coaching and competitions.”

“DRTC’s volunteers work in adverse circumstances with no support from the local authority and without any public funding, however the encouragement from parents and local residents sustains us.”

Stephen Hammond, MP for Wimbledon, who has been a keen supporter of DRTC’s charitable work, said:

“I’m glad to learn Dundonald Rec Tennis Club’s ‘Olympic Legacy’ programme is producing its first competitive players.  Local competitions like this are essential for the future of British tennis.”

The tournament was a total success; two children attending DRTC’s programmes reached the semi-final stages, Daniel Shand and Sophie Kalckstein.  This is a terrific result for local players and supporters of British tennis.

The winners of the competition were Frankie Morton and Isabella Molinari, two young players with bright futures ahead of them in tennis.

The 2015 Wimbledon Championships will soon be upon us.  To celebrate this (and as part of the Great British Weekend promoted by the LTA) DRTC is offering a free pass for junior and adult players into its coaching sessions on Saturday 13 June. For more information contact