Coaching Programme

coaching for adults


Introduction to tennis and refresher courses for those who have not played for some time.

The courses provide players with a sound knowledge off all the basic strokes and tactics.


For those with a good grounding in the basics but perhaps haven’t played for a number a years or who have finished a beginners course.  This course will prepare players for the move-up to intermediate play.


Designed for the more experienced players, who want to look at tactics whilst improving their overall game; specialised strokes, movement and positioning.

coaching for Juniors

We offer a total tennis coaching programme for children that includes training and tournament scheduling in a friendly and professional environment. Our coaching programme caters for juniors aged 4-17 years old.

mini-tennis red

Juniors aged 4-7 years old will be coached in movement patterns, racquet swing shapes, balance, and speed work in a fun, games-based environment. Mini-tennis courts are used with low compression tennis balls.


tennis orange

Children are typically 8 years old when they advance to a shortened tennis court using low compression balls. The focus of coaching includes developing co-ordination, movement, serving, returning, and how to score points.

tennis green

Juniors move to a full-size court at 9 years old with slightly low compression balls. They develop complex co-ordination, speed, strength, flexibility, core stability, and basic strokes with efficient racquet head speed. They play in match situations for singles and doubles, learning how to cope with winning and losing, and understanding ability and effort.

juniors (12 to 18 years old)

We see Junior as the future of our friendly club where they are highly valued and safeguarded. Junior activities include coaching, competitions and tournaments which run throughout the year