The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and Dundonald Rec Tennis Club (DRTC) are sponsoring free coached tennis sessions for families in Dundonald Rec.  Following the huge success of the ‘Great British Tennis Weekends’ and the ‘Olympic Legacy’  programme which provides free after school sessions for children, the number of people playing tennis in the area has dramatically increased. The LTA and DRTC want to build upon this success to ensure people continue their involvement in the sport and yet more people take-up tennis. Dr Ernesto Pinto, chair of DRTC said,

“We are thrilled that the LTA has selected our club to deliver these sessions, we have great expectations for tennis in the Rec.” “Our dream would be, by the introduction of children to tennis at a young age, to have, one day in the future, a local Wimbledon Champion!” “Tennis is a great fun way to get the family playing and being active together, whilst learning a new skill.”

During the free ‘family times’ sessions equipment (such as rackets, mini-nets, balls etc.) will be available for use free of charge. A professional tennis coach will also be on-hand to give tips and encouragement. The first of the set of six sessions will take place on Sunday 20th  July at 12.00 in the morning and last for an hour. To book a place on a session please e-mail –